High Definition Plasma Cutting

  • Fastest turn around time in the industry
  • 16ga - 2" high definition cutting
  • 10' x 50' capacity
  • All machines are Hypertherm "True-Hole" capable
  • HDi Technology for HyDefinition cut quality on stainless 12ga - 1/4"
  • Etching of part numbers, bend lines, weld points, etc.

Oxy-Fuel Plate Processing

  • Small, bolt ready holes in thick plate
  • 1:4 ratio of hole diameter to plate thickness is now possible
  • 10' x 50' capacity
  • 1/2" - 12" material thickness
  • Multiple heads for efficient cutting of large quantity orders

Sawing & Miter Cutting

  • 18" x 27" cutting capacity
  • Up to 60' lengths
  • Miter cutting of tube, channel, beams and flat bar
  • All saws are CNC controlled for perfect repeatability
  • Dry cutting using mist fluid eliminates the mess of flood coolant
  • Bundle cutting multiple truckloads or just single pieces
  • Precision cuts or simply cutting bundles in half for handling purposes

Structural Punching

  • Fully automatic CNC punching
  • Plate, flat bar, angle or channel
  • Up to 41 punches per minute
  • Up to 20' lengths
  • Accuracy of +/- 0.002 / Foot

Tube Drilling

Our structural tubing drill line can be implemented for a variety of uses for when precision is paramount to your job. With the capability to accurately drill holes in an array of tubing sizes up to 20' in length, we can ensure that you receive the parts that you require no matter the size. Our servo operated drill press ensures that your hole size and placement are uniform on every part, every time.