Round metal pipe is made by one of two processes: it is either stretched from a single sheet so it’s seamless, or it is welded, meaning the two halves of a pipe are attached and welded together. Seamless metal pipe has a much higher resistance to internal pressure so it’s commonly used for transport of oil, gas, water or other compounds, whereas welded pipe can be used on more structural functions like handrails. Pipe is measured by its ID (inside diameter), with a varying thickness determined by the schedule, versus tubing which is measured by the OD (outside diameter). The most common is schedule 10, 40 and 80. Our pipe comes in a range of sizes, please refer to the chart in the catalog below for exact specifications, and contact our team today to get a quote tailored to your needs.

  • Available in sizes from 1/2" - 6" Schedule 40
  • Lengths of 21' - 42' depending on the size
  • Can be customized or cut to any size with our processing machinery
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