Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is desirable for cutting plate due to its time efficiency and precise cuts. Using plasma shortens processing time over oxy-fuel due to its quick pierce time with no preheat, and much faster cutting speeds. Coosa Steel has industry-leading processing times, and we pair that with extremely precise cuts. Our Koike Aronson machines, with motion repeatability of 0.015", paired with Hypertherm HPRXD high definition power sources offer the tightest of tolerances and smooth finishes. Having multiple machines with multiple cutting heads on each allows us to supply fabricators needing single parts or our OEMs needing thousands of repeatable parts with tight tolerances. Our customers can send us drawings as simple as a hand sketch, up to SolidWorks 3D STP files and our nesting software will convert it to NC files for our machines to get you a high-quality product, part after part.

Our Capabilties
  • Capacity of 16ga to 1-1/4" material
  • Plate sizes up to 10' x 40'
  • Machine motion repeatability 0.005"
  • Standard tolerance of +/- 1/16". This can be adjusted per customer requirements when applicable.
  • Estimated lead time 1 to 5 days

Oxy-Fuel Cutting

The most cost effective and durable method for processing plate is oxy-fuel cutting. Mainly used for thicker plates, oxy-fuel machines use oxygen and a minimal amount of propeylene to preheat the plate, pierce, and cut the shape for each project. Oxy-fuel is the only process capable of handling thicker plates. Due to its less expensive overhead and greater piercing strength, this is how Coosa Steel can provide more cost savings to our customers. Pairing this technology and our in-stock supply of inventory allows us to serve customers quickly and efficiently. 

Our Capabiltiies
  • Capacity of 1/4" to as thick as 6" up to 10' x 40'
  • Tolerance of +/- .063" for plates up to 2" thick
  • Tolerance of +/- .125" for plates at 2.125" - 6" thick
  • Estimated lead time is 1 to 5 days

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