Cold Saw

We are proud to offer our BLM TS-72 cold saw. Cold saws use a large circular blade as opposed to the blade of a band saw. This allows the blade to cut through solid bars or tubes of steel without any twisting or bowing of the blade. With this saw, we load full bundles and the saw pulls through one piece at a time. Due to cutting a single piece at a time and using the circular blade, we can hold much tighter tolerances than a standard band saw. This saw can handle a maximum bar feed of 27 feet with an output of 119 inches. The additional benefit of this saw is its ability to de-burr both ends of the steel part, as well as perform chip extraction during the process. This provides precision, quality and speed. Our ability to pull from our steel inventory and process from our location allows us to provide the fastest lead times.

Our Capabiltiies
  • Capacities: Solid bar 0.39" - 1.58" od
    Round Tube 0.39" - 4.02"
    Square tube 0.39" - 3.15"
    Rectangle Tube up to 3.94" x 3.15"
  • Tolerance of +/- 0.030"
  • Estimated lead time is 1 to 3 days

Band Saw

At Coosa Steel, we provide band saw cutting with our with our multiple HEM saws. These saws are designed to cut single piece up to full bundles with consistent precision. We have multiple band saws, which gives us the ability to process more steel simultaneously, keeping lead time at an industry minimum. We specialize in cutting custom kits, giving you all the parts needed for fabrication or assembly from the start. Ask our staff about how to build a custom kit for your next project and we will create the best fit for your needs.

Our Capabilties
  • Cut bundles or single parts up to 27" wide x 18" high and up to 60' long
  • Tolerances for 0 - 120"  long is +/- .063"
  • Tolerances for 120" - 240" long is +/- .125"
  • Tolerances for 240" - 720" long is +/- .188"
  • Estimated lead time is 1 to 3 days

Miter Saw

Our HEM vertical miter saw has the capacity to cut pieces at varying degrees, within a tolerance of plus or minus 2 degrees and up to 18 inches tall. The advantage of the vertical miter saw is its ability to eliminate common errors from a manual design layout. We eliminate these by programming your drawing with specific angles and lengths within our CNC software. This process enables us to cut to customer specifications with precision every time, providing the tightest tolerances. Utilizing our inventory, we can deliver custom processed steel parts with lead time at a minimum. 

Our Capabiltiies
  • 90 degree cut capability for 18" x 20.75"
  • 45 degree cut capability for 18" x 14.25"
  • 60 degree cut capability for 18" x 6.75"
  • Miter tolerance +/- 2 degrees
  • Estimated lead time is 1 to 3 days

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