Square Tubing

Square tubing is a hollow steel tube in a square shape, with all sides being equal in dimension, measured by the outside dimensions and wall thickness, and it has a noticeable seam on the inside. There are a variety of applications for square tubing, including handrail uprights, to machine barriers, or structural supports in buildings. Square tubing comes in differing lengths starting at 20', all the way to 48', in approximately 4' increments depending on their size. At Coosa Steel we can laser cut tubing on our BLM LT7 laser with any customization quickly and precisely. Our expert team can pick, process and ship out your tubing parts to specification in a matter of days, contact us for a quote to get started.

Square Tubing:
  • Available in sizes ranging from 1/2" x 1/2" up to 8" x 8" in stock
  • Thicknesses ranging from 16 gauge to 1/2" in stock
  • Others sizes available with 1 - 2 day lead time
  • Can laser cut any customer requirements up to 6" on our BLM Laser
  • Can be cut on our  band saw or miter saw
  • Can be cut on our BLM cold cut saw with tolerances +/- .030 and brush deburred
  • In grades A513 & A500B&C
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