Steel Punching

For steel punching needs, we have multiple Sunrise punching machines. Whether your project requires a fully automatic straight line punch, or the semi-automatic pattern punch, our Sunrise machines can handle it. The hole location tolerance starts with a standard +/- .032 inches, however ask your salesman if you have a need that is not within this tolerance and we will do our very best to accommodate. We also offer an array of in-stock punches. This includes hex, round, or oblong for your application. If custom tooling is required, we will be happy to get any design needed. The advantage of our punch machine capabilities is the elimination of manual part layout, which ensures we can provide consistent, precision punches for each and every project.

Our Capabilties
  • Semi Automatic: X-axis capacity of 120", Y-axis capacity of 16"
  • Fully automatic: X-axis capacity of 240" in feed and outfeed; Y-axis capacity of 6"
  • Hole location tolerance start with a standard of +/- .032"
  • Estimated lead time is 5 days

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